The White Lie

Everyone knows the story of Captain Scott and his legendary last expedition to the South Pole in 1912. His diary has inspired generations, and his heroic death was immortalised by his companion – Apsley Cherry-Gerrard – in his book The Worst Journey in the World. But what if history was turned on its head? In 1969 a secret diary is left in the will of Cherry-Garrard to Dr Falcon Grey of the Scott Polar Institute. It seems Scott may have been pursued to his death not by the Antarctic winter, but by murderous saboteurs. Can Falcon Grey find the guilty men, or will they find him first? A story of vicious personal passion, and international intrigue, leads inevitably South in a search for the lost explorer – and his companions – frozen in the icy tomb in which they died. But Falcon Grey’s final destination is an unexpected as it is violent, where he seeks to come face to face with Scott’s killer.


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