The Silent Child

First published 2022

1944: Leo STERN arrives at the Nazi camp at Borek in Poland with his wife and daughters. The Sterns are spared from the gas chamber when they witness a murder. But in a place that humanity has deserted Leo is forced to make unimaginable choices to try to keep his family alive. 1961: Seventeen years later Hanna – rescued as a child from war-torn Germany – has been unable to remember her identity and how she was separated from her family at the end of the war. The discovery of a letter among her late uncle’s possession’s reveals her full name – Hanna STERN – and leads her to Berlin in search of her past. Helped by her lover Peter, Hanna begins to piece together the shocking final days at Borek. But she isn’t the only one with an interest in the camp, and lurking in the shadows is someone who would prefer Hanna’s history to remain silent.

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