Praise for JG Kelly novels

“Deeply moving and beautifully written.”

Ann Cleeves

“Heart-breaking, beautiful and thrilling – a book that will stay with you for a very long time.”

Elly Griffiths

“A tale of devastating secrets, brilliantly told.”

Rory Clements

“Outstanding. Heartstopping. Brilliant.”

Kate Furnivall

“Thought-provoking and compelling.”

Caroline Scott

The Silent Child

She can’t have a future until she has a past.

Hanna Stern, a Jewish child who survived the war, grows up in the Cambridgeshire Fens unable to remember the fate of her family or her own years as a prisoner. Her search for the past takes her to Berlin in 1961 in pursuit of the truth. But she is not alone in her quest. Others will kill to keep her forgotten secrets.

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  • White Lie launched….

    White Lie launched….

    More than one hundred book fans turned out for the launch of the polar thriller. The highlight was questions from the audience – as always – and we covered issues such as the boundary between fiction and fact, comparisons between Captain Scott’s 1910 expedition and the Apollo moonshot of 1969, and the doomed earlier adventures…

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  • Looking for Buzz

    Looking for Buzz

    Inspiration for The White Lie came from many places, but none was more profound than the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969. Just like Scott’s Expedition, that of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins left civilisation behind, relying on a small capsule not unlike an Antarctic ‘Cook’s Tent’, and travelled through an almost featureless desert…

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  • Looks great!

    Looks great!

    There’s something about a paperback. Perhaps it goes back to childhood. All those dull books in the school library, or the bookcase at home (just the one). They were always hardbacks. Paperbacks were exciting – science fiction, Arthur C Clarke, crime, Agatha Christie, thrillers from Hammond Innes, or the latest adventure from Enid Blyton. There’s…

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