The Silent Child on tour.

I will be out talking about The Silent Child this spring – and here are the dates of the first four events in Cambridgshire.

Watch this space for future events. Or keep up to date by following me on twitter……………..

St Neots Library     Wednesday, March 15th  Evening.

Ramsey Library      Thursday, March 30th Evening.

Milton Rd Library  Thursday, April 20th Evening.

St Ives Library        Thursday, April 27th  Evening.

Why the chesspiece? The Silent Child tells the story of a girl who can’t remember her own past. She lives on a lonely Fen in the flatlands of Cambridgeshire. All she knows is that she is Jewish, that she survived the war, but she doesn’t know how. Only one thing seemed certain – that her family died in the camps. Then one day a package arrives on Long Fen – and inside is a handmade wooden chesspiece – the horse, or, in German, Der Springer. The postmark is Berlin. The sender has included a brief note which says only that her father is alive. And she knows this is true, because for the first time in her life she can remember her lost past, and she is certain that her father carved the chessman, and gave it to her as a present. Where is he? Is the family alive as well? She sets out to find the truth and returns a different person.